These Plexiglass boxes contain monoprints, silkscreen and resin objects.

The center one is 48" tall and 32" wide with resin objects and handmade paper

The smaller boxes on the left and right are 24"x24" and contain prints on textile and

                                                            resin objects. 

Artist Statement

As a printmaker and object maker I take natural elements and transform and make them graphically into universal images of themes on living and dying, darkness and light.
A universal tale, simplified in its being not about how I made it but how you see it, an actualized memory.  I invite you to listen to my whispers about thoughts of
loneliness and longing, family circumstances and moments of personal grief. Baring my soul as I should, these familiar narratives are present in us all.

Series started in July/August focused on encouraging women to get out to vote and to become involved in politics whether locally or on larger level.  

"Let Me Speak" is a monoprint with chine colle,